October 19, 2011

easy to change

people ney selalu mungkir janji kan..
ermm xpelah..
prinsip aku..aku pantang org MUNGKIR JANJI!
lgi2 bile tuka plan tok something yg xla penting sgt kan..
maybe 'something' tuh is very very important to that person ryte..
tpi klu aku jdi dia..
aku akn pk perasaan org yg dia mungkir janji tuh..
ermm xpela fara..biakan dia..
just live ur life with ur princip...
dont do like dat to other peolpe ok!!!

October 12, 2011


im in lab programming now..
and im taking a quiz but i dont noe how to do it..
i dont understand the questions that have given!!
im blur..
shit r!!!!
im ready to get '0' in 1st quiz!!!!!